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Activated Coke Manufacturers in Tamilnadu Carbo Lase Technologies Manufactures and Exporters Activated Coke is a carbonaceous material produced by steam activation. It has high mechanical strength against abrasion and crushing. Its surface area is 150-300 m2/g, less than the conventional activated carbon but much higher than the metallurgical coal. Activated coke is a porous material used to remove organic compounds from liquid and gases by a process known as adsorption. In this application, it is used for high efficiency desulfurization and used to adsorb pollutants such as Hg, SO2, SO3 or NOx from boiler flue gas, power plant and city waste burning smoke, etc. APPLICATION Remove organic compounds from liquid and gases, such as Hg, SO2, SO3 or NOx. Flue gas desulfurization Activated Coke Manufacturers In Coimbatore Activated Coke Suppliers In Madurai Activated Coke Dealers In Tirunelveli Activated Coke Exporters In Salem